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Agave Nectar is a type of pure natural healthy sugar. Blue Agave belongs to one kind of flowering Aloe Vera native to Mexico. It is also a type of traditional healthy sugar, consisting approximately 90% of fructose, a small amount of sucrose and inulin. Blue agave which blooms after 7 to 10 years are consider as a type of valuable healthy sugar. The taste is unique, taste better than honey, stabilizing emotion and would not fluctuate blood sugar level. It is sweeter than normal sugar and surely fulfilled your taste bud in just a few drops. Therefore, it is also suitable for diabetic to consume.

Royal Instant Bird’s Nest Drink with Organic Agave Nectar is 100% natural, pure, rich in protein & nutrients, with no chemicals, bleaching agents, preservatives, flavouring or colourings used throughout the entire cleaning process.

From a nutrition point of view, bird's nest contains:

  • water content
  • cellulose, carbohydrates, a little fat and various mineral such as Calcium, sulphide, potassium, phosphor and iodine
It helps to:
  • enhance the rebirth of cells, reinforce the immune system
  • restore energy and stamina
  • fortify human body's tolerance towards the damage done by X-rays of other radioactive treatments
  • boost heart functions
  • supply heat energy to human's body

Royal Instant Bird’s Nest Drink with Organic Agave Nectar can be taken by people of any age of gender like mother and children, senior citizen, adolescents, asthma patient & people suffering sleep disorder and having hot body characteristic.

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  •    Available Size (Set):

    260 ml (per bottle)

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    RM 320 (West Malaysia)
    RM 340 (East Malaysia)

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